About Ripple Tech & Innovation

Ripple Tech And Innovation Academy's Main Aim Is To Empower And Encourage Youths And Young Women To Indulge And Embrace Agriculture In Our Rural Communities.

Our Mission

To Leverage On Technology And Innovation For Small Holder Farmers Through Our Smart Agriculture Solutions Which Is Powered To Increase Farm Produce.

mission Statement

To Eradicate Poverty And Improve Agricultural Production Among Smallholder Farmers, Provide Farm Resources, Market Linkages, Awareness Creation By Leveraging On Technology And Innovation.(Artificial Intelligence And 5GNetwork).


To Be The Leading Organization Leveraging On Technology And Innovation In Enhancing Relevant Skills And Knowledge To Small Holder Farmers In Our Rural Communities.

Ripple Tech And Innovation


We Are An Agri-Business That Is Leveraging On Technology And Innovation To Provide Future Ready Smart Farming Solutions To The Entire Agricultural Sector

With Our Excellent Team, Ripple Tech And Innovation For Food Security And Rural Development Supports Farmers To Access Products That Are Highly Resistant To Climate Change Innovation solving a major problem in arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya


The Why

Client Testimonials

“Ripple Tech revolutionized my farming methods! Their smart solutions and guidance have transformed my small farm into a hub of productivity. With their precision tools, I've increased yields by 30% while using resources more efficiently. ”
Claire Oleyon
“As a student passionate about agriculture, Ripple Tech has been a game-changer in shaping my understanding of modern farming. Their interactive workshops and access to advanced technology have expanded my knowledge beyond textbooks. .”
David Mulamwa
“Ripple Tech's solutions have transformed my farm. Their user-friendly tech and expert guidance have helped me navigate unpredictable weather patterns. With their smart irrigation systems and data-driven insights, I've reduced water usage by 40% without compromising crop quality.”
Charles Kiprotich