Our Programmes

Agri-Business Training

Due To High Rate Of Unemployment Among Our Youths And Young People, Ripple Tech Brings In Youths In Rural And From Interior Communities For A Two-Weeks Intense Agri-Business Training, Coupled With Technology And Innovation.

Training Entails:

  • Training To Change From Traditional Ways Of Farming Towards Embracing New Farming Practices
  • Training On Carbon Farming/Regenerated Farming-Agriculture That Stops The Disturbance Of Soil.
  • Design Thinking And Human Centred Design.
  • Training On Climatic Resistance Crops
  • Training On Soil Health(Climate Change Mitigation Under Our Feet).
  • Circularity, Circular Economy for Sustainable development, where our Innovators and
    start-ups visit different and Exceptional Agri-Business Organizations & Research Institutions Leveraging On
    Technology to Improve Food Security in Our Communities.

Ripple Tech And Innovation Academy & Incubation Hub

Ripple Tech And Innovation Academy’s Main Aim Is To Empower And Encourage Youths And Young Women To Indulge And Embrace Agriculture In Our Rural Communities.

S-Oko FArM

SOko FArM Is A Web Based App That Is A.I Enabled Which Provides Solutions For Farmers Such As:

(1)Climate-Smart Agriculture

Mobile apps and SMS services provide farmers with crucial information on weather forecasts, market prices, and best agricultural practices, enabling informed decision-making.

(2)Precision Farming

Implementing sensors, drones, and GPS technology helps farmers optimize resource use by precisely monitoring soil moisture, nutrient levels, and crop health. This enables targeted irrigation and fertilization, reducing waste and increasing yields.

(3)Climate Resilience

provide climate-smart practices which help farmers adapt to changing weather patterns and mitigate risks associated with climate change.

Monitoring Vitals

We Work With CHW, Community Health Dispensaries And Hospital To Check For The Health Of Pregnant Women, Measures Childrens Weight And Height, Provide Immunization To Children Under 5,And Guidance On How To Feed Them.

Sexual Health & Sensitization

With Our Partners We Advocate For Sexual Representative Health And Rights (SRHR )Among Young Women And Adolescent Girls.

We have been Involved In Programmes In Urban Slums Focused On Training Of Young Women And Adolescent Girls In Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights (SRHR), Use Of Contraceptives And HIV/AIDS In The Informal Settlements Of Nairobi.

Community Health & Nutrition Programme

Ripple Tech Helps Communities To Have Access To Health Care By Partnering With County Ministry Of Health In Advocating For Universal Health Care (UHC).

Details of the Program

The Two Weeks Intense Program Covers All The Basic Knowledge Around Climate Change And Sustainable Development..


The County Leaders Climate Change Fellowship Program aims to empower local government officials across various counties to become champions of climate action and sustainability. This fellowship will equip participants with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary to address climate challenges and spearhead impactful initiatives within their communities.

Project Implementation:

Support fellows in executing pilot projects or initiatives that demonstrate climate resilience and mitigation efforts within their respective counties

County Leaders Climate Change Fellowship Program

A Program Administered By Ripple Tech And Innovation Academy, To Young Leaders Who Demonstrate Leadership In Advocacy For Climate Change Education And Mitigation.


Cost of Electricity

The cost of electricity has become extremely expensive to our rural communities, most communities in homabay county, kakamega county, and migori are not yet connected to electricity. This has greatly contributed to a lot of food waste.


At Ripple Tech and Innovation, with support from our development partners we are addressing this challenge by installing modern cold storage in our Counties to help in mitigating food waste.

Off- grid Cold Storage For Sustainable Food Security and Livelihoods

Our sustainable cold storage solutions are meant to preserve freshness, reduce waste and empower communities with resilient, eco-friendly technology

Reach Out and Discover New ways to make your Shamba Thrive

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farmer Testimonials

“This programme has simply been the best i can't thank Ripple Tech Enough for all the information shared.”
Regina Makori
“This programme has been life changing for me, i have been able to use the knowledge gained here to improve the yield of my crops by volumes.”
Trent Christian