Ripple Tech & Innovation
More than 1000+ women innovators trained and supported in Gender mainstreaming.
World Women International Day
Through their pioneering efforts, women showcase inventive solutions within agriculture, marking a pivotal step toward sustainability and resilience in the face of environmental challenges.
Ripple Tech & Innovation
where the future of farming meets innovation. We're dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture through cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking solutions. At the core of our mission is the commitment to empower farmers with smart, future-ready tools and techniques.

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Why We Do It

Ripple Tech And Innovation Helps And Supports SHFs(Small Holder Farmers) In gaining Access To Future Ready Farming, In Entire Value Chains

We Deliver Strong Decision Making To Our Rural Farmers Through Partnerships With Different Organizations

We Support Our SHFs To Have Clean,High Quality And Traceable Agricultural Products In An Integrated Value Chain In Our Communities


We are hiring a Procurement intern, She must have diploma in Procurement and a bit of accounting, a Christian and honest, if interested kindly upload your CV below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible if you do meet our requirements.

About Us

Our agri-business stands at the forefront of climate action. We empower smallholder farmers with access to climate-resilient crops and provide invaluable teachings on sustainable practices. By leveraging data for strong decision-making, we pave the way for a resilient, future-ready farming ecosystem.

We’re dedicated to transforming smallholder farmers into a resilient, forward-thinking endeavor. By providing access to climate-resilient crops and empowering decision-making skills, we’re cultivating a new era of farming. Together, let’s harvest a future where farmers have the tools and knowledge for sustainable, future-ready agriculture.

Our Solutions

Agricultural Inputs

We Help Smallholder Farmers To Acquire Products That Are Highly Resistant To Climate Change

Climate Change & Community Health

Ripple Tech helps address climate influenced diseases such as Chronic respiratory conditions, malnutrition and cardiovascular diseases, vector-borne diseases eg Diarrhoea all which are respondents as climate related health risks

Market Linkage

Market Intelligence By The Use Of Ripple Tech Applications That Links Small Scale Farmers Directly With The Agricultural Commodities Market.

Climate-Smart Agriculture.

Adaptation That Enhance Food Security And Nutrition,Through Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation.

Community Early Warning Systems.

We Analyse And study Temperature Patterns And Share The Information With SHFs, This Is Information That Is not readily available to Farmers


Edwin Anyolo

Co- Founder

Sharon Obuko

Head of Operations

Casper Mwandihi

Learning & Engagement Lead

Lilian Mutie

Field Research Lead

Peter Mwanzi

Project Lead

Mr Musyoka

Head Of Research And Development

Our Partners

Impact Testimonials

RippleTech Helped us train the farmers in our sacco in using modern technology in maximising the efficiency of our farms. They were absolutely informative and helpful.
John Kinyua
We worked with Ripple Tech in a programme that saw us educate hundreds of young girls, boys and adult farmers on sustainable ways of farming.
Hellen KImutai